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Resource questions add details to a room or resource to better aid in the approval process. Whenever a team member wishes to reserve the room or resource, they must answer the designated questions before submitting a request.

Create a Question

To add a question, go to the room or resource and choose Add new question... which will bring up the box for you to add the question.

Use Sections by selecting Add new section... to divide questions if some are similar, and move questions to appropriate sections by dragging them.

Enter the question as well as the question type then check if the question should be required to answer before reserving.

Edit or Delete a Question

To edit a question, select it from the Questions section and make necessary edits

Once you've created the Question, you can't choose the Question Type.

To delete the question, select delete.

Request Rooms or Resources with Questions

When requesting a room or resource for an event, answer the questions on the Room Question step of the reservation

Each question will show in the way you created it, and the required ones will have a note next to them.

Fill out the answers to the questions and select Save to finish the reservation.

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