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Each person you create can have their own permissions for events, rooms, resources, and people.

Only People Editors can make changes to or remove permissions.

To view someone's permissions, go to their profile by going to the People tab. If the person isn't listed in the People tab, add the person.

Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center apps. In Resources, assign the appropriate permission for the person accessing the Resources app.

  1. Events
    • Event Viewers can view all events and tags but can’t create or edit events or tags.
    • Event Creators can create new events, request rooms or resources, and edit events they've created or are the owners of. They cannot create or edit tags.
    • Administrators can create and edit all events and tags, even if someone else created them.
      Administrators can be Conflict Resolvers, people who resolve any request conflicts. These people have ultimate say over what event is more important than the other, so not many people should have this permission.
  2. Rooms
    • Room Viewers can view all rooms but can’t create or edit rooms.
    • Room Editors can create, edit, and delete rooms and folders.
  3. Resources
    • Resource Viewers can view all resources but can’t create or edit resources.
    • Resource Editors can create, edit, and delete resources and folders.
  4. People
    • People Viewers can view people and permissions but can't create or edit them or the approval groups
    • People Editors can add and edit all people and permissions as well as their approval groups.

If someone has permissions to manage people, they will automatically have access to manage rooms and resources and will be set to an Event Administrator, since users who can manage people can also change permissions and could give themselves access anyway.

Permissions give access to make changes to assigned information, but not everyone with permissions will receive notifications. If you want someone to receive notifications about changes to events, they need to be in an approval group or subscribed to event activity.

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