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If the holidays change your schedule, or you need to move the time for a single event, you can! You can change a date for a recurring event by deleting, rescheduling, or modifying the reservation block.

Reservation blocks show you the dates and times of the event. All reservation blocks are listed on the events page.

From the events page, select an event and click Show Details to edit the reservation blocks.

From the event page calendar, select a date to make changes to its reservation block.

Choose an option below and follow the steps to delete, reschedule, or modify the reservation block.


If you know the reservation is recurring, but you don't see the reservation block, make sure the reservation is not in conflict with another reservation. If it is, the conflict will need to be resolved before you make any changes to this reservation.

Editing Reservation Blocks

Is the event cancelled? You'll want to delete it.

You can choose to delete just one date, or you can choose to delete all dates from a specific day and after. If you need to delete two dates that are back to back, complete this step for each date.



Do you need to temporarily move this Wednesday meeting to a Thursday for only this week? Then you want to reschedule.

You can choose to reschedule just one date or all the dates following the date you selected. If you need to only reschedule a few dates, complete this step for each date.


Does your event have a guest speaker who requires a mic and a whiteboard, and normally these resources aren't needed for your event?

Modify the dates the guest speaker will attend to include those extra items. If the guest speaker will attend all future instances, modify all instances after. If the guest speaker will return in a few weeks, complete this step for each date.


If you change the rooms or resources for the event, another approval request will be sent, and the event will be pending until approved.

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