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Resources has a mobile app, which allows you the same access as the web app but from a smaller screen!

Install the Resources app on your iOS or Android device then enter your login information.

login screen

When you log in, tap the top of the screen to choose from the menu.


Select an event from the list to view details, reservation blocks, activity, and any documents.

events page

Edit the name, description, owner of the event, or send approval requests to the assigned approval group.

event page

View any reservation blocks or add new reservations for the event.

reservation blocks

Select a reservation block to see what rooms or resources are reserved for that time frame.

View the Reservation Block

The Reservation Block lists the time frame as well as the rooms and resources requested.

Approved items have green dot; unapproved items have a yellow dot; declined items have a red dot.

reservation block details

Rejected rooms or resources must be removed before the event can be fully approved and shown on a calendar or kiosk.

Select the room to view any setup or additional notes.

Add comments to the event activity and see what other activity has taken place for the event.

event activity

Add or view uploaded files for the event.


Select a room from the list to edit the setup, approval groups, or questions for the room.

rooms page

Tap the name to rename the room or select a folder for the room.

room page

Edit a Room Setup and add or link other room setups.

room setup

Add or remove approval groups from the room.

approval groups

Enter a new question for the room.


Select a resource from the list to edit the details, approval groups, or questions on that resource.

resources page

Select a different image or tap the name to rename the resource, select the folder and home location, or enter a different amount of that resource.

Enter a description of the resource, if needed.

resource page

If the resource can expire, select an expiration date, then enter the serial number for quick re-ordering.


Add or remove approval groups from the resource.

approval groups

Enter a new question for when the resource is requested.


View a list of people who have access to Resources, as well as their permissions. Select a person to see their events as well as permissions.

people page

Any events assigned to them as the event owner will be listed in their profile as well as on the event itself.

profile page

View and update their permissions or remove their permissions entirely.


If you're looking for information on a specific date, go to the sidebar menu.

events page

Select the date you'd like to view then choose a reservation block to see information about the reservation on that date.


You can also run a report and share the calendar from the mobile app!

If you are an Administrator, you can respond to requests when you see the notification icon.

events page

Resolve conflicts, reject, or approve rooms and resources by selecting the appropriate button.

notifications page
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