Planning for Setup and Teardown

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Some events require a little more work than others, like time to set up the event and tear down afterward. Include setup and teardown times in your events, so the rooms and resources can't be booked for other events during those times. 

The extra time won't show on your website calendars or digital signage kiosks.

From your event page, look at the When under the reservation block to make sure the time covers setup and teardown for the event.

If it doesn't currently cover setup and teardown, select that reservation block then Reschedule all future events to a different timeframe, making sure to include time for setup and teardown.

You won't be able to create additional times to the Event Schedule until you adjust the time of the whole reservation block.

Add Other Times to the Event Schedule

Once you've rescheduled your reservation block, you can create other times from the Event Schedule section.

Edit first time

Before adding other times, edit the time that already exists. Select it and enter the times you want to publish on your calendar for this event.

edit times

Select Save to keep those changes then start adding your other times.

From the Event Schedule, select New to add your first additional time.

Add time

Enter the title of the specified time then set the times for that portion of the event.

enter start and end, remove cal options

Uncheck the boxes that place this item on your public calendar and kiosks since this time is not necessary for people to know.

Select Create to add that time to the schedule then follow those steps to create more times.

Times added to the event schedule don't require additional approval unless the main reservation block is edited.

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