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Approval Groups are groups of people who approve rooms and resources for events. Approval Groups can have multiple people in them or only one person, and they can be attached to multiple rooms or resources or just one.

A room or resource can be approved with the confirmation from just one person in the Approval Group. If you need more than one person to approve a room or resource, create another Approval Group.

On the People tab, the left sidebar lists the Approval Groups and their members.

Create an Approval Group

Select New Approval Group then type the name and select the box next to Approvers to choose from the list of people.

A person must have permissions in Resources to be added as an Approver.

Select Save to confirm the approval group and its approvers.

Edit or Delete Approval Groups

Select the pencil icon next to the Approval Group to change its name or approvers or to delete it.

Change the name, remove or add approvers, then save or delete the approval group.

  1. To remove someone, click the x next to their name. If you remove all approvers, the group will still be available for use in rooms and resources; however, no notifications will be sent unless someone is listed as an approver.
  2. Remove the group entirely by choosing delete. All rooms and resources with this approval group will not longer have it as an option.

Only one person from the Approval Group needs to approve the room or resource request. Although you have many people who could approve that resource, only one response is necessary.

If you want only one person in charge of approving requests, make an Approval Group for that person and add that Approval Group to each applicable rooms or resources.

Now that you have Approval Groups in place, add them to rooms and resources!

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