Request Rooms & Resources for an Event

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Create a new event then request any rooms and resources needed for the event. Include setup notes, the event schedule, and how often the event repeats, if applicable.

  1. View reserved dates at a quick glance on the Organization Calendar. This Calendar section changes data when you change places in the app, so it always applies to what's on your main screen. Use the information on the main page to run a report, open a larger calendar view, or share the current calendar feed with others.
  2. View any Reservation Blocks by choosing a date on the calendar. Hover over the block itself to see what's reserved for that date.
  3. To add a new event, select New Event.

If you do not have permission to manage events, you will not be able to add new events.

  1. Name the event then choose the folder it belongs, if any, as well as the Event Owner.
  2. Choose a date on the calendar to specify times. The preview will show how the event will read based on your choices. If the preview isn't what you're intending, choose Clear and re-pick dates and times.
  3. If the event repeats, decide how often with the dropdowns.
  4. Add a description for the approval groups to understand when approving the event.

Select Create to then choose rooms and resources you need as well as any additional times.

Common Recurrences

Once a Month


Every Other

1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th

  1. Add any additional times by selecting New, or edit the current one by selecting it.
  2. Edit the name of this block, reschedule the future times, or copy this Reservation Block to another event.
  3. Locate the room or resource and drag it to the main part of the screen.
Event Schedule

If you need time to set up or tear down for your event, or there are other times in your event you don't want to show on your public calendar, add them to the Event Schedule.

  1. Add the name of the Scheduled Time
  2. Choose the start and end time.
  3. Check if you want this time to show up in any public places.

If you try to schedule a time outside of the Reservation Block, you'll have to Reschedule the Reservation Block before you can save the new event schedule.

Reservation Block

Create Reservations for each contiguous block of time you'd like to reserve. Many events only have one reservation since they happen in one block of time, but if your event has extra times, such as a rehearsal on another day, create another reservation block.

  1. Edit the name from Reservation Block to something that defines this specific length of time.
  2. Reschedule the time frame for future instances. To reschedule this block, choose to be taken to the event.
  3. Create a new reservation block out of this one--it will copy your rooms and resources, and you can choose the appropriate times.
Room/Resource Requests

When you drag and drop a resource into your reservation, fill out the form that comes with the room or resource, adding any specific information necessary.

Some Room Setups have Suggested Resources, which are added when you select Save.

Once you've added all the necessary information, select the arrow tab with the event name to be taken to your event.

  1. If you've added all the necessary information, you don't have to wait for approvals to be auto-sent; select Send Approval Requests to send them to the appropriate approval groups.
  2. Run a report on this event, view it on the calendar in a larger view, or share the feed with others.
  3. View your reservation block by choosing a date on the calendar then use Reschedule or Modify to edit the reservation.
  4. Add new reservation blocks or edit the one you already created.
  5. Add a message or view the activity for the event.
  6. Add any necessary documents such as flyers or event information to the event.
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