Request Rooms & Resources for an Event

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Once you create an event, you can request any rooms and resources needed for the event.

From the reservation block, drag and drop a room or resource into the event.

drag and drop

Enter the necessary information to give the Approvers enough information to approve your request.

request room

Some Room Setups have Suggested Resources, which are added when you click Save.

Once you've added all the necessary information, select the arrow tab with the event name to be taken to your event.

go back to event

Approval requests will automatically be sent 30 minutes after the most recent room/resource request. However, you can send approval requests immediately by clicking Send Approval Requests.

youth service event

If you see a banner at the top of the event stating there are conflicts, a conflict resolver will have to resolve the conflict before your approval requests will be sent. You'll receive an email if you need to make adjustments to your event.

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