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We're back!

A few years ago we as a company decided to create a full fledged Church Management System. Since PCO Resources was at a good place, we decided to move all of our developers onto our other apps, like Check-Ins, People, Registrations, Giving, and Groups.

Now that those are out and moving forward, it's time to come back to Resources. We want to bring everything we've learned from our other apps, and start giving it some more love and attention. And we're so excited for the future.


New top bar

The first task we decided to tackle is to get our back end code up to par with our other apps. And the first way this has manifested itself is with a brand new top bar.

We have updated the icons and font, updated the app switcher on the left, added the account switcher on the right, moved the help box icon [?] on the far right, and added a brand new logo for notifications. This change also significantly improves the experience on your mobile phone. The majority of this update is back end work but it lays the foundation for our future plans.


OK, so what's coming down the pike?

So much! We will soon show off a few highly requested features, and reinvigorate some of the core concepts in PCO Resources. Stay tuned on this "News & Updates" page.


- The Resources Team

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