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We've made a few small improvements on the event page:

Reorder Reservation blocks

Reservation blocks used to be in the order in which they were created. Which sometimes meant that the least important ones are at the top. We made a few changes to help better read these reservation blocks.

  1. At the far right you'll now see a new "Next Date" column. This will show you the next date that reservation block will be live.
  2. We've also tried to order the Reservation Blocks in a smarter way, with the next date at the top, and the oldest one at the bottom. 
  3. You'll also see that if a Reservation Block is in the past, and there are no instances in the future, we've put it at the very bottom, and muted them.

Combine Event Log and Comments

We've also made some changes to the bottom part of the event page.


  1. The mute button now exists at the top left
  2. We've added a Search area for you to search for anything from the name of a room or resource, a certain date, or even a certain person. 
  3. We've also combined the Comments and Event log on the same page. This should help give a little bit of context to some of those comments. You can still separate them if you'd like at the top right.
  4. The order of events has now changed, where the latest event is at the top. This should help quickly see what the latest thing that happened was. You can click load more at the bottom if you want to continue to see this events activity.


We're also working on a few larger projects that I'm excited to share with you. Stay tuned, and enjoy!


The Resources Team,

Scott, Robert, Greg and Jesse

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