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We are excited to launch a redesign for creating events and reservation blocks with a more interactive and intuitive event creator. 

After reviewing the last few years of data in Resources, we have discovered that the majority of events that are created were either one-time events, or simple weekly/monthly events. Because of this, we have tailored this new view to make sure the most common uses are now faster and easier.

To help get you started, here's a few of the most common selections. 


Once a Month

Weekdays / Weekends

Every other


There's a lot of really neat things you can do with this new way of creating events and reservation blocks, so we encourage you to play with it. We would also LOVE to know your feedback on this. If you think this is better, worse, meh, or if you've found something that you used to do but now can't, please let us know! Click the question mark at the top right of Resources, and send us an email.



The Resources Team

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