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Emails are sent out from the Resources app periodically to notify key people when certain things happen or need to happen. This is a list of which notifications will get sent out via email.

If you are a member of an approval group:

  • Any time your permission level is increased.
  • Any time there is a new request for a  room or resource that you are an approver for.
  • Any time an event that you approved a room or resource for gets cancelled.
  • When there’s a comment added in the "Event Activity" feed of any event that you have a room or resource approved for.
  • When an event or reservation block gets deleted that your approval group approved something for.

The emails letting you know about a new request for a room or resource doesn't go out until there have been no changes made to the event for 30 minutes. If someone adds a bunch of rooms and resources we would rather send 1 email to each person that includes all of those requests than bombard each person with an email about every room/resource.

If you are an event owner:

You will receive all of the same emails that a member of an approval group receives plus:

  • Any time one of your events goes from pending to 100% approved.
  • Any time your event gets cancelled.
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