Hide an Event From the Public Calendar

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Some events don't need to be shared on your public calendars, such as a staff meeting, an AA meeting, or a wedding. For these events, you can hide the event from your public calendars, like your iCals feeds, web widgets, and kiosks.

1. Go to the Event's Reservation Block

On the event page, click on the reservation block for that event.

reservation block on event

If you have multiple reservation blocks for your event that all need to be hidden from your public calendars, follow these steps for each reservation block in your event.

2. Edit the Event Schedule

The times for the reservation block come from the event schedule, which has it's own hide/view settings you can choose to share.

Click an item in the event schedule to remove it from calendars.

event schedule

Uncheck the boxes in the Public Visibility section to hide the event from any calendars or kiosk.

edit event schedule

If you don't want to hide the whole event, but you want to hide the setup/teardown times, add them to your schedule and then hide them!

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