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Every event has a different purpose, which is why we have tags to help you categorize those purposes. But once you enter multiple events, it can be difficult to remember the event details, especially if you're not the one who created the event. So we created a filtering system, which allows you to filter events based on access, approval status, and tags.


Each person with access to Resources can view any event but may have different levels of permissions. Click the My events dropdown to see the different types of access a person might have.


The Owner is responsible for the event. The Owner can be the person who created the event or the person assigned to that position.

The Owner is listed on the event page.

Change the Owner by clicking Edit and selecting a different person.


An Approver is part of the Approval Group who approved the request for a room or resource.

Find Approvers from the Approval Groups sidebar on the People page.


A Subscriber is someone who wants to receive information about an event's activity.

To subscribe to an event's activity, go to the event page, and click Subscribe next to Event Activity.

If you check the box next to Subscribe to this event, you'll see this event when you filter by Subscriber.

Approval Status

Filter by the event's approval status, based on whether its requested rooms or resources have been approved, are pending, or have been declined.

If you want to make sure events have been approved, filter by Pending to quickly approve or decline resources if you're in the appropriate approval group.


Any tags used in the current view will populate in the sidebar. Filter further by selecting a tag.

After you filter your events, you can share them as a calendar feed, a kiosk, or a widget to put on your website.

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