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Churches have lots of events happening throughout the day, week, month, and year! Create events with schedules, rooms, and resources to stay informed about what's happening on your campus.

From the Events page, select New Event or hover over the date and click New to create an event.

new event

Enter the name of the event, and then continue filling out the information regarding the event.

create new event
  1. The Event Owner will receive the communication regarding this event. Anyone with permissions in Resources can be an Event Owner.
  2. Select the date or dates from the calendar and select the time the event will need access to room or resources.
  3. Enter the event description, which will show on the event itself as well as any kiosks.
  4. Add any applicable tags to the event.

Click Submit to be taken to the reservation page.

If your event doesn't match any of the recurrences offered, you can make multiple reservation blocks for the event.

Use this page to set the schedule of the event, and drag and drop different rooms or resources for the event.

Once you've finished, select the name of the event to be taken to the event page.

The event page gives insight to lots of different information.

  1. The Event Calendar shows the date of this event highlighted in red. When you select that date, you can see the breakdown of the schedule.
  2. The Details section shows the information you added initially, as well as any pending requests. Other Administrators will need to approve or reject the rooms and resources before this event is 100% approved.
  3. The Reservation Block reflects the time and requests made on the previous page. To make any changes to the reservation, click it.
  4. As people make changes to the event, they will be reflected in the Event Activity section. People can also make comments on the event. To receive an email about those comments, click Subscribe.
  5. Add any files pertaining to this event. To view an existing file, click on the file name. To edit or delete a file, click Edit.

After you and your team create several events, don't forget to approve or reject those room and resource requests!

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